What is good enough?

Have you ever found yourself thinking: “am I doing good enough, am I righteous enough, or even am I good enough for God?” The majority of us struggle with the “good enoughs”:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not kind enough
  • I am not pure enough
  • I am not smart enough
  • I am not gifted enough

The list could go on, but all of these questions are the wrong way of thinking. Jesus doesn’t call us to look towards simply being good enough; he calls us to even better. He calls us to live a life full of integrity, a life shaped by the character of God, a life led by the Spirit of God, a life that asks “what good could be.”

This week we will be discussing what it means to be pure-hearted. In Matthew 5:27-37, Jesus will show us what character looks like when we become unmixed like salt and more pure like God. By trusting Jesus we can grow up to become more like our Father. When we view things from a lens of how is this going to benefit me physically, relationally, and spiritually then our view of God becomes blocked. Our lives thus become centered around what we want, what we desire, what we must have and when we want it. But if we begin to view things from a lens of how is this going to love others as defined by Jesus, then we will begin to see God clearly.

As you are preparing for this weekend, read the following passages:

Be thinking about the intersection between desires and responsibilities. What damage can be caused when we pursue desire over integrity?