Sermon on the Mount Review

Jesus is summoning us to follow him and listen to what he has to say. He comes on the scene healing physical ailments, restoring relationships, and proclaiming that God's Kingdom is near and available to everyone. He calls people to himself, sits down and begins declaring blessings, but notice who he is declaring them upon. Are these people who we would normally call "blessed"? What does Jesus think he is doing?

For the next few weeks we will be journeying through Jesus' Sermon on the Mount teaching, beginning this week with The Beatitudes. Spend some time reading the sermon, meditating upon it, soaking yourself in what Jesus has to say. Write down a few personal goals you would like to aim for throughout this series.

The ultimate goal: Grow up to be like our Father. Jesus is challenging us to live in the present in the light of what God will do in the future coming of his Kingdom.

As you read and we move through the upcoming teachings be thinking about the following questions: 

Where is the Sermon on the Mount found in scripture?

How many “beatitudes” are there?

How do the promises in the beatitudes begin and end?

Which beatitudes sound happy/good?

Which beatitudes sound sad/bad?

Where are the “good sounding” beatitudes explained?

Where are the “sad sounding” beatitudes explained?

How do the 2 sets of beatitudes mirror each other?

What is the treasure (★)?

What is the put off (−)?

What is the put on (+)?

What is the live out (↔)?

What is the main point of this pattern?

Where does Jesus address concerns about physical/practical concerns?

Where does Jesus address concerns about relational concerns?

Where does Jesus address concerns about spiritual concerns?

Are these “blessed” people the kind of people who would be blessed in our workplaces? Any examples of these kind of people blessed or cursed in your experience?

If this is the way of kingdom blessedness, which of these would be hard for you to enter into?

How have we preferred our ideal of God's Kingdom versus God's ideal of the Kingdom?