God's Children Make Peace

God’s children make peace.

MT 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers. 

MT 5:21,22 ~ You've heard "Thou shalt not murder" and that if you don't heed that commandment you will be held accountable. But I'm telling you that contempt is where you need to focus. Contempt will not only cause short-term problems, it will ruin you in the most serious ways.

MT 5:23-26 ~ This is so important that you should interrupt religious devotion to God to try and negotiate a reasonable settlement with people made in the image of God. Neglecting the realization that humanity is made in God's image will cost you dearly.

The prophet Isaiah confessed unclean lips because he & his people worshiped God while being contemptuous toward vulnerable people made in God's image. There is no biblically acceptable worship of God that does not include humble awareness of the intrinsic value of humanity in general and corresponding compassion toward people in particular.