17th Street Church

About Us

17th Street Church is part of a Christian Apprenticeship Community from The Grove Fellowship. We are the first of several churches using the specific patterns of apprenticeship in "Think/Be/Do" cycles corresponding to Faith/Hope/Love from the New Testament. Our distinctive is a process of discipleship as church with an intentional focus on equipping people to grow in apprenticeship of loving God and people as defined by Jesus. 

Why Apprenticeship?

Learning to follow Jesus matters to us. We became a church so we could focus on the essentials of understanding what that means and helping each other make progress in doing that. 

Why Loving God and People As Defined By Christ?

The story of the Bible points to love being the goal. When asked, Jesus said the Old Testament could be summed up in the two commands: Love God with your whole being and love people as you would like to be loved (Matthew 22:36-40). Therefore our goal of our apprenticeship is to get better at giving and receiving appropriate love with God and with others.